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The November 2020 Carillon offers: |

  1. Here at First Presbyterian of Homewood, we remember those saints who have died in the past year since last November 1st on All Saints’ Sunday.
  2. On Monday, November 9, at 6:30 p.m. we again present on our web site a vir-tual service of Healing and Wholeness as we did on Sept. 7.
  3. Two virtual Bible Studies and Zoom meetings after church. Healing and Wholeness Meeting with a Prayer Room and personal prayer.
  4. Read the Carillon for more! 

The October 2020 Carillon

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The August 2020 Carillon | Our sanctuary is still closed at this time, but Zoom is allowing the church boards to meet and our website plus YouTube allows us to have virtual wor-ship.

The July Carillon |  Anything happening in First Presbyterian Church of Homewood?  You betcha! Check out that Carillon.  

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