She Persisted

Prelude | Tim VAnnasdale | A Mighty Fortress | arranged by Stephen L. Aber

Call to Worship | Karen Maurer

Hymn 35 | TIM VANNASDALE | Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty | LOBE DEN HERREN

Prayer of Confession | Phil dillman

Words of Assurance | REV jANE TUMA

Moments with our Children | Rev Jane tuma

Prayer for Illumination | karen maurer

Old Testament | Isaiah 56: 1, 6-8 (NRSV) | phil dillman

New Testament | Matthew 15: 21-28 (NRSV) | rev jane tuma

Sermon: She Persisted | Rev. Jane Tuma

Hymn 792 | There is a Balm in Gilead | Joyce Anders

Prayers of the People | karen maurer & laurie ulrich

Offering | Doxology | Prayer of dedication | Rev Jane tuma

Hymn 317 | tim vannasdale | In Christ There is No East or West | MCKEE

Closing Blessing and Charge | phil dillman

Postlude | TIM VANNASDALE | In Christ Alone | arranged by Mark Hayes

BLOOPER | Karen Maurer & Laurie Ulrich


Scripture Scribble | phil dillman

Scribbles 08 16 20

READINGS FOR NEXT WEEK: Exodus 1:8-2:10  Romans 12: 1-8

more opportunities to connect with first pres

  1. For the next two Sundays, Rev. Jane Tuma will be our preacher while Rev. Elvery is on leave.

  2. We have a Zoom Bible Study at 10:30 on Tuesday mornings and a Zoom adult education class on Wednesday evenings. If you have questions about and/or would like to join in either one, please contact Laurie Ulrich

  3. Please take a moment to record your attendance today by clicking on the blue link at the end of this page.

  4. We usually have a time after worship to visit with each other at "Heavenly Perks". Why not call a friend after worship today and share some visiting time on the phone?

  5. If you would be willing to participate as a reader in an upcoming virtual Sunday worship please let Laurie Ulrich know so we can get you all lined up.

  6. Feel free to invite your friends or family to join us on this Virtual service. Just forward them the email that Shirley sends out on Saturday.) 


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