Quality Control

  • last week 18 friends gathered here for a zoom meeting 

  • We decided to offer two rooms this week. 

  • click on either link/picture below after 11:30 am and before 1:15 pm | follow instructions

  • kathie hazlett and laurie ulrich will be in the rooms for further instructions if you wish to visit the second room

  • bring your coffee/tea with you

zoom meeting TableTwo

Happy 106 Birthday, Mary Cantway!
We love you!

mary 3144

two short videos below, pulled from the full worship service for your convenience

moment with our children | "starting over" (Length 4:39)

sermon only | "quality control" | (length 7:24)

"scripture scribbles" | phil dillman

phil 3 1phil 1

READINGS FOR NEXT SUNDAY Exodus 32:1-14 and Matthew 22:1-14

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